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World-class realtor
“Susie is very detail-oriented, customer-focused and proactive realtor. She is very responsive in her communication, a top quality that I think most realtors are lacking of. Her professionalism, hard work and diligence exceed far beyond what I could ask for. She is willing to go above and beyond to serve her clients’ needs. I will refer her to anyone else in need of a world-class realtor.”
Went the extra mile to make our home buying experience a successful and positive one
“Susie is a capable, helpful and fair real estate agent. She worked as an intermediary between me and the Seller. She enabled our transaction with her experience and advice. She went the extra mile to make our home buying experience a successful and positive one. We were able to close a week early during the Holiday season in large part to Susie's efforts. I would recommend her and user her again.”
Truly Pleased and Highly Recommend
“Susie has assisted us finding the first and perfect home for our daughter. She listened to our need and helped us all the way through, started from planning, finding the right place, till the closing day; paying attention to every detail. We are truly pleased and highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for the right property.”
Definitely Would Do Business with Her Again
“I highly recommend doing business with Susie. We enjoyed working with Susie, she came prepared, knowledgeable about the current rental market, professional, friendly and honest. Rented our home in less than one month. Definitely would do business with her again.”
Pleasure having you as our realtor!
“Thank you Susie for all your help. It was a pleasure having you as our realtor, we are very happy with our new home.”
Highly Recommend
“I highly recommend Susie, she helped my family and I bought our first home and sold it. She worked hard to make sure our house was sold in a timely manner. We got multiple offers within the first day. Throughout our house hunting journey she knew exactly what to show us based off of what we wanted, and was always understanding. You will not regret working with Susie, she has put my family and I in a happy home.”
Jennifer Serene
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Christy Trang
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Ron Ochoa
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Always there
Susie is so helpful and is always there during the entire home buying process.
Great job in finding and securing property
“Susie did a great job helping me to locate and acquire investment property in a very aggressive environment. She found the right property and then an excellent job to secure the property. "
Will get you what you want
“Susie is a nice lady and will get you what you want. Thank you, Susie.”
Much appreciated
“Susie-thank you so much for your help, service, assistance and effort in getting my rent house rented-it was much appreciated!”  
Shamresh Khan
“Susie, you'll be the first person I recommend for real estate referrals!”
Kaneshia Andrews
"I wanted to say THANK YOU to Ms. Susie Kay. I never thought home buying process was so complicated. I meet Susie from Google, I called Susie in November 2013. Susie was so friendly and always had a smile on her face. I know she normally works North, but the area I was looking in was south and she did not mind traveling. She showed me to a lot of homes and also did her research on others homes she felt I would be interested in. I finally found a home! Well, the process at first was going smoothly until the end of the process. This lender gave Susie and me the BLUES, by not responding to e-mail or calls. This is what makes Susie the BEST realtor around as she stood her grounds to ensure her client was taken care of. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her as a lot of time the lender leaves the buyer off of communication. To make a long story short, the lender was unable to process my loan and referred me to another lender (middle of January 2014) and the seller agreed to wait while the new lender gets my file together. During this entire process, Susie was by my side. The other lender (not mentioning any names), was awesome but also had communication challenges and again Susie was great with daily updates and e-mails to the lender. By the end of January the Seller decided not to wait any further and I lost the house and the money I invested in the house. So a couple of days later, Susie and I were house searching again. She took me all over, areas I never seen before (Savannah, Providence Village) but the location did not work for me. Later that day, I received a text from Susie inquiring about a location of new house in Lancaster and I said yes. She said be there are 8:30 in the morning and bring your check book. I met Susie at the location and I LOVED the house. We had some bumps in the road but I AM A HOME OWNER. I closed 3/12/2014. THANK YOU SUSIE."
Outstanding Job and Very Responsive
“Susie did an outstanding job finding us the perfect 1st home. She is very responsive to our communication. She listens well to what we are looking for and we are so impressed by her diligent work. Her knowledge about the industry has helped us tremendously. As a first time home buyer, we have lots of questions in our mind and she is really patient and always available to help us. Our family highly recommend her and we are very thankful that we have her as our realtor. Thank you again, Susie!”
Moira McMahon
“I have had the pleasure of working with Susie for the last 2 years. She introduced me to the Plano/Frisco area when I was looking for an apartment. But, she never gave up on trying to convince me that home ownership was the most fiscally sound way to go. I wouldn't listen... Then, I decided that my apartment rent was going up drastically and long story short, Susie stepped in and, despite my resistance, led me to my first dream home (I say first, because I know I will aspire for more). Susie was the catalyst that I needed; she introduced me to a lifestyle that I could not only afford, but a place that I now call HOME. I love coming home everynight. Susie, I owe you so much, truly.”
Tanece Skinner
“Words can’t express how grateful we are to Susie, she was so very helpful to us. She gave us unrequested advice that put us in the right direction. She also made the home buying process easy and painless. We thank you so much for her persistence and patience with our home buying process.”
Extremely knowledgeable of the market and truly listens
"I have used Susie to purchase two homes within the past three years. Additionally, she aided my daughter and son-in-law in finding their new home. By far, Susie is one of the finest Realtors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely knowledgeable of the market and truly listens to the client to find exactly what they are looking for. I highly recommend Susie. I would definitely use her again, but don't think my wife would ever let me move again."
Such extraordinary realtor and extremely helpful
"There are no words to express our gratitude to such an incredible professional. We met Susie online while still living in London. She was extremely helpful, professional and dedicated to her work. Once we arrived to Texas, thanks to Susie we found the perfect house and we are so happy we found her. I would recommend anyone thinking in buying a property to talk to Susie. You won't find such extraordinary Realtor in the market. Thank you Susie once again for your excellent work!"
Knowledgeable and Experienced
“Susie was knowledgeable, kind, and extremely patient as we learned the home buying process! She showed a lot of experience that helped guide us in making our decisions. As unknowns came up, she was always ready to help us come up with a confident answer. We went through several months trying to find the right home and Susie helped us get our favorite!"
Was a pleasure!
“We enjoyed working with Susie so much. She's so reliable and efficient, but never pushy & always honest about the strengths and weaknesses of homes. We will definitely call her with our next real estate quest! Was a pleasure getting to know her!”